René Wolff mit Formel 1 Rennwagen zum selber fahren auf Rennstrecke


Drive a real Formula 1


Your fastest

For all owners of a road car driving licence. Without prior knowledge.
Get in, fasten your seat belts, start, step on the gas.
You set the pace… the feeling of happiness comes on its own!
Seventh gear, over 300 km/h

Formula Event

The original since 1988

Williams GS

Formula 1 driving


Drive a real Formula 1 car yourself. On Grand Prix circuits! For everyone with no previous experience. A driving licence is enough, no racing licence necessary.

You can also have a ride into a F1 threeseater or doubleseater for 2 full speed laps with a professional driver.

Formula Event has been offering this F1 programme since 1988 and is the world’s first and most experienced provider.


from € 1,870.-

Formel Renault 2.0 Rennfahrerschule

Formula Racing School


Driving a modern formula racing car safely means above all driving fun and a lot of adrenalin.

Our instructors will accompany you for one or two days in the Formula Renault 2.0.
Paddel shifting and 215 hp. 260 km/h fast.

From discovery to race preparation. The school of the champions!


from € 725.-

Nürburgring Nordschleife

Nürburgring North Loop


The Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, a 20.832 km long asphalt ribbon through the Eifel mountains. The layout fascinates and impresses at the same time.

In the race taxi as a passenger or at the wheel yourself.



from € 249.-

Helikopter + Offshore

Company Events / Incentives

When it is about MOTOR, SPORT and ACTION we are your qualified partner. We have numerous programmes at our disposal, all of which we have successfully carried out several times. Driving a racing car yourself, being a co-pilot or passenger in a racing car, participating in a 24-hour go-kart race in Le Mans, exploring Lapland with a snowmobile, sailing regatta on the Côte d’Azur, mountain emotions in the Alps, watching Formula 1 in Monaco, at the wheel of an off-road and four-wheel drive car in the desert.

We adapt these special events to your individual preferences.